BODY MOVING                                                                                                                   


                                           BM110 BODY MOVING 110 (WALKING)


1.                  walked with shoulders drooped, gait slow and unsteady

2.                  beckoning her after him, he strode out of the hall

3.                  he walked up to her with a grin of amusement

4.                  slowly  began to walk, seeing her shadow running before her across the grass

5.                  strolled slowly, blankly watching his boots crunch into the snow

6.                  slowly retraced his steps down the length of the hall

7.                  linked arms with him and led him toward

8.                  swaggered across the room

9.                  forcing her steps one by one

10.             slowly, with shaking steps,  made her way to

11.             went to her favorite stance by the window

12.             fell into step beside her in silence

13.             moved awkwardly to

14.             crossed the room in two strides

15.             moved hastily across the room

16.             began to walk briskly, threading his way purposefully toward

17.             summoning every shred of dignity to her aid,  walked toward him

18.             swung out of the room

19.             walked almost reluctantly toward them

20.             followed him outside

21.             hobbled painfully over the stones

22.             flounced indignantly ahead of

23.             hobbled stiffly away

24.             strode past her to the door

25.             a quick stroll

26.             amble over

27.             ambling along

28.             bare feet sending up little clouds of dust

29.             began pacing with measured dignity

30.             blundered off

31.             carried himself neatly erect

32.             each stride was fluid

33.             forced his legs to move

34.             he trudged

35.             looked at her intently, then strode to the door

36.             disappeared quickly into the crowd

37.             shambled

38.             went to join

39.             shuffled

40.             strolled forward and extended a hand

41.             trod

42.             walked soft-footed

43.             strode

44.             walked nervously

45.             entered

46.             checked his long stride to match her own

47.             sauntered at an easy pace

48.             walked forward, stopping in front of her

49.             walked briskly away

50.             flowed like an amoebae

51.             walked sadly

52.             wandered over

53.             took it straight to

54.             walked up to her with a grin of amusement

55.             padded

56.             walk had a sunny cheerfulness

57.             steps slowed as  pondered

58.             feet seemed to be drifting along on a cloud

59.             feet dragged

60.             hobbled awkwardly

61.             looking up as  approached, he quite openly studied her

62.             marched straight ahead

63.             mosey along

64.             moved measuredly toward

65.             moving as noiselessly as a cat

66.             padding lightly

67.             reluctantly, he walked, his movements stiff and awkward

68.             sallied forth

69.             brush past

70.             moved easily but impatiently

71.             hurried, not stopping to explain

72.             passed through

73.             strolled about, nodding at a few people as he moved

74.             walked toward him across the floor

75.             walked with stiff dignity

76.             moved without haste, but with unhurried purpose

77.             walked grandly to

78.             began to weave in and out

79.             the tedious process of laying one foot down after the other

80.             tramped on

81.             tread of approaching footsteps

82.             walked with the silence of forest hunters

83.             walking slowly, her hips swaying

84.             wandered here and there

85.             wandered hazily  went across to

86.             went on slowly afoot

87.             with a springy bounce,  was gone  with long, purposeful strides

88.             began to walk toward

89.             strode toward

90.             stood up slowly and walked across to her

91.             slowly  began to walk, seeing her shadow running before her across the grass

92.             began to walk swiftly down the way they had come

93.             went to stand in his favorite position by the window

94.             sidled up to