1.                  a great distance below the horizon

2.                  stretching away in billowy perspective to the horizon

3.                  a moving black mass under the horizon

4.                  it was reposing on the horizon with a calm luster of benignity

5.                  it was visible to a width of half the horizon

6.                  the horizon met the eye with the effect of a vast concave

7.                  across the horizon, piercing the firmamental luster like a sting

8.                  the horizon’s warm light flooded her face

9.                  the sun was within ten degrees of the horizon

10.             the changeless horizon of the sea

11.             the horizon which lay like a line ruled from hillside to hillside

12.             lights shone from the horizon and from the sky

13.             like a floating and transparent veil cast onto the horizon

14.             reflecting the horizon it seemed like a patch of blood

15.             fantastic and striking horizon

16.             went into ecstasies over the far-stretching horizon

17.             see the round sun once more before he disappears beneath the horizon

18.             its head pointed straight towards the horizon

19.             stretched along the western horizon

20.             crescented on the rim of the horizon

21.             overreaching the wide horizon

22.             pursuing the horizon

23.             the vacant horizon

24.             and the horizon became dim to me

25.             horizon shows black against the sky, broken only by the fantastic silhouette

26.             to the star-drift on the horizon rim

27.             stormy quarters of the horizon

28.             the horizon was restored to serenity and silence

29.             glide my eye over the horizon of the lake

30.             limit his horizon to the passing hour

31.             on the blue horizon

32.             within the widest horizon

33.             transcendent region beyond my horizon

34.             universal and true horizon

35.             extending to the horizon

36.             is golden in the horizon

37.             except for one little threatening cloud on the horizon

38.             sunk beneath the horizon

39.             on the horizon, with a strip of silvery light from the unseen sun

40.             along the northern horizon

41.             as the sun drew near the horizon

42.             clouds broke a little near the horizon in that quarter of the heavens

43.             horizon was covered with a singular copper-colored cloud

44.             low line of the horizon

45.             the sun is high over the distant horizon, which seems jagged, with

46.             trees or hills

47.             it is so far off that big things and little are mixed

48.             horizon is lost in a gray mist; all is vastness

49.             clouds are still aglow with the rays streaming above the horizon

50.             that beautiful sun began to climb the horizon

51.             stretching in a long line to the horizon

52.             horizon widened out in endless waves of confusion

53.             far beyond the curvature of the horizon

54.             sun sinks to rest in the horizon

55.             there is rejoicing in the horizon

56.             dwell in the uttermost limits of the horizon

57.             cometh forth from the horizon

58.             like the horizon, is always equally remote in all directions

59.             much as the horizon recedes before a moving sea ship

60.             parallel to the horizon

61.             the darkness receding on the limits of the horizon

62.             bar of cloud that sleeps on the horizon

63.             the ideas which have emerged on their mental horizon

64.             learned of the horizon the art of perpetual retreating and reference

65.             magical lights of the horizon

66.             the horizon was a mysterious sheet of fathomless shade

67.             preternatural inversion of light and shade

68.             half of the horizon from which the storm threatened

69.             well defined against the sunny portion of the horizon

70.             the sun was upon the verge of the horizon

71.             ocean appeared at a distance and formed the utmost boundary of the

72.             horizon

73.             the horizon had cut off his light

74.             follow the stars from the one horizon to the other

75.             dawning in the horizon

76.             horizon is fiercely naked- not the thinnest cover of a soft cloud, not the vaguest hint of a distant cool shower

77.             red sun touched the horizon and spread out like a jellyfish

78.             the thrust of light still flowed up from the western horizon

79.             stars flowed down in a slow cascade over the western horizon

80.             over the abyss of the horizon

81.             horizon was almost equally gloomy, with scarcely one light spot

82.             sets the bounds between the enlightened and dark parts of things

83.             horizon all golden from the sunken sun

84.             hung in the pearly horizon

85.             the horizon of remote antiquity

86.             the horizon bounded by a propitious sky, azure, marbled with pearly white

87.             horizon, now perfectly calm, pure, and free from all haze

88.             clouds are falling lower and lower upon the sea, as if to crush it