“Physical Descriptions of Body Parts”












1.                  eyes confronted her quietly

2.                  glared at him with burning, reproachful eyes

3.                  gave him a hostile glare

4.                  stiffened under his withering glare

5.                  there was a stir far down in the set glare of his eyes

6.                  darted out dangerous looks from his eyes

7.                  eyes fired with

8.                  blue eyes narrowed furiously

9.                  eyes were suddenly murderous

10.             eyes were glittering slits in the mask of  face

11.             her eyes narrowed with anger

12.             he could see the accusation in her eyes

13.             her eyes sparkled angrily

14.             he gave her a look of withering contempt

15.             giving her one murderous glance

16.             the set of lips and the dangerous gleam in his eyes were the only signs that he was angered by the interruption

17.             a blue flame of defiance in her eyes

18.             a hot glance from those coals that lay banked behind his eyes

19.             a sudden icy contempt

20.             a suggestion of annoyance hovered in his eyes

21.             anger flashed in his eyes

22.             anger flickered in his eyes

23.             blood filming his eyes

24.             eyes were not smiling

25.             eyes misting with outrage

26.             flashed in his eyes

27.             glanced angrily

28.             glowered darkly

29.             hatred blazed in those eyes

30.             he gave her a keep-your-mouth-shut look

31.             he glowered

32.             he whirled to stare at her, quick anger rising in his eyes

33.             he stared bitterly

34.             her eyes conveyed the fury within her

35.             her eyes flared up, but  cooled it

36.             her eyes were wet with anger

37.             her gray eyes darkened like angry thunderclouds

38.             distrust chilled his eyes with reserve

39.             dark eyes grew wild

40.             eyes flashed with outrage

41.             eyes darkened dangerously

42.             eyes flashed a gentle but firm warning

43.             his eyes flashed imperiously

44.             eyes blazed

45.             eyes blazed amber fire

46.             angry gaze swung over her

47.             eyes flashed in a familiar display of impatience

48.             eyes slightly stirred to anger

49.             eyes smoldered with fire

50.             eyes were a vicious glint in the failing light

51.             eyes were dazzling with fury

52.             eyes blazed with sudden anger

53.             jaw clenched, his eyes slightly narrowed

54.             eyes narrowed and back became ramrod straight

55.             looked round severely

56.             now those brown eyes were really flashing

57.             regarded her in righteous anger

58.             scowling after him

59.             permitted herself a withering stare

60.             shot him a withering glance

61.             was shocked when his eyes suddenly filled with fierce sparkling

62.             shock and anger lit up her eyes

63.             shot a murderous glance

64.             small sparks flashing from her eyes

65.             something disturbing replaced his smoldering look

66.             something was flickering far back in her eyes

67.             sudden anger lit her eyes

68.             tended to glare

69.             the amused look suddenly left his eyes

70.             the gray eyes narrowed and hardened

71.             the whites of the man's eyes flashed

72.             their eyes traded strings of malevolence

73.             turned upon her with blazing eyes

74.             her eyes watching him with cool disdain