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4 Volume Book Set

VOLUME 1—MOVING PARTS – Part 1 - This book encompasses the top half of the body, describing how it moves and functions.  Part 1 covers the everything to do with the head, including voluntary and involuntary actions such as listening, blushing breathing, winking, coughing, singing and much more.


VOLUME 2—MOVING PARTS – Part 2 - This book encompasses all of the lower body below the neck, describing how it moves and functions.  Part 2 covers topics such as shrugging shoulders, reaching out to touch someone, heart beats, shivering, aching bones, stomach churning, hand gestures, posing, sitting, walking, running and much more.  The Body In Motion section includes jumping, skipping, turning, sitting down and getting up, bending, stretching, squirming, falling and body in repose. The Daily Activities section includes creative ways to describe eating meals, driving cars, using a telephone, changing clothes and more.  The Figures (or Expressions) Of Speech section includes ideas for writing smooth flowing conversations.  Much more than just “He said, She said”.  Finally the Emotions section contains descriptions of emotions.  Joy, anger, fear, sadness and many more.


 VOLUME 3—PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES – This book encompasses all of the body describing how different parts of the human body look, from head to toe.  This book covers topics such as facial shapes and expressions, age and youth.  There are descriptions for bald heads and different kinds of hair styles and colors.  There are descriptions for skin colors and textures and all kinds of ways to describe eyes, ears, noses and mouths.  The rest of the body is described in great detail as well.


VOLUME 4—EARTH VIEWS - This book consists of Landscapes (plains, hills, mountains, valleys), Waterscapes (waterfalls, streams, rivers, ponds) and Skyscapes (morning, sunny, cloudy, rain, space, stars) and much more.  There is also a section for COLORS with descriptions for all the colors in the rainbow plus other things like metals, shiney, light, dark, day and night.

Sample Pages and Phrases


Click on the links below to see sample pages and phrases from different categories in Sybrina’s Phrase Thesaurus.  These descriptive phrases will help you with all of your creative writing efforts.  Just Look For Yourself!

















Sybrina’s Phrase Thesaurus Is Filled With Thousands of Descriptive Phrases.

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There are THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of phrases in HUNDREDS of categories and sub-categories available in the Phrase Thesaurus books.  The 4 Volume Set consists of:


Volume 1—Moving Parts—Part 1

Descriptions of how the head moves and functions.


Volume 2—Moving Parts—Part 2

Descriptions of how the rest of the body moves.


Volume 3—Physical Attributes

Descriptions of how the body looks


Volume 4—Earthviews

Descriptions of the earth



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The 4 printed volumes are great for leisurely browsing with a convenient detailed index at the back of each book.  Kindle ebooks also available below.

Special Offer:  Download Sybrina’s Phrase Thesaurus—Volume 1—Moving Parts—Part 1.  It is absolutely free for research or for your reading pleasure.  If you love it, come back here to purchase the rest of the books in Kindle, Epub or Soft Cover.

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Volume 1—Print & Kindle

Volume 1—Print & Kindle

Volume 2—Print & Kindle

Volume 3—Print & Kindle

Volume 4—Print & Kindle

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